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At Dimensions we can create floor plans of your home quick and easy. 

These plans can be used for decorating, Marketing or just to give you a better idea of your current layout to help spawn remodeling ideas.
Dimensions was the first and is the most trusted name in marketing floor plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How do I get my floor plans when they are completed?
A.    You will receive a highly detailed floor plan via email, which you can print in color and give to prospective buyers.

Q.    How long will it take to get my plans?
A.    The floor plans will be completed within 2 business days of measuring the home.

Q.    Can the floor plans be put in MLS or Online?
A.     Yes.  If you email Dimensions the listing number we will submit the floor plans to MLS which will ensure visibility in MLS and several popular Real Estate websites MLS provides their data to.  This is a free service.

Q.     Can I receive the floor plans via regular mail and photocopy them?
A.    Yes.  Dimensions’ will mail a master copy to you per request.


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