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Residential Marketing Floor Plans

Dimensions was the first and is the most trusted name in marketing floor plans. Since 1995 Dimensions has been helping real estate agents market their listings more effectively by creating highly detailed floor plans

It is proven that prospective buyers remember a house more if they bring a floor plan home with them after viewing. We will provide you with a clear detailed floor plan. Placing it on MLS so that your fellow agents can view your listing and ensure visibility on several popular Real Estate web sites which receive their data from MLS, to capture the attention of the tech savvy Internet customers. You will also be increasing the professionalism of your brochures with the addition of a high quality color Dimensions floor plan. .

Accurate sq. ft. is the hot topic now and we can provide you with accurate figures utilizing the ANSI Measurement Standard. The ANSI is the only method used by Architects and building professionals for calculating Square Footage.

Click Here to read an important article in the Daily Real Estate News about a recent court ruling on Square Footage.

Click Here to read a great Article about Square Footage and the issues with inaccurate public records.

Lastly Click Here to view an excellent book regarding Square Footage calculation


  • Great selling tool.
  • Great listing tool.
  • Estimating, or relying on public records for the sq.ft. of your listing is no longer necessary.
  • Never again will a prospective buyer go home without remembering every detail of your listing.
  • You never have to measure another room size again.
  • You get a professional floor plan to give prospective buyers & agents.
  • Web savvy customers can see your floor plans on the Internet.
  • The cost is tax deductible
  • Fast & dependable service.
  • It is very inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How much lead time / How long will it take to get my plans?
A.    Call us 2 days before you need an appointment. After we measure the property it generally another day or two for us to create the plans.

Q.    How do I set up an appointment?
A.    Simply call or email the office and we will set up an appointment for you..

Q.    How long does it take to measure a home?
A.    The time it takes all depends on the size of the house. For instance a 3,000 sq.ft. house will take about 1 hour. For a time estimate on a particular home just contact us and give us the size and we can provide you with an approximate time.

Q.    How do I get my floor plans when they are completed?
A.    You will receive a highly detailed floor plan via email, which you can print in color and give to prospective buyers.

Q.    Can the floor plans be put in MLS or Realtor.com?
A.     Yes.  If you email Dimensions the listing number we will submit the floor plans to MLS which will ensure visibility in MLS and several popular Real Estate web sites MLS provides their data to.  MLS posting is a free service. We are also affiliated with Realtor.com. If you already have a showcase for this listing we can upload the plans free of charge. If you don't have a showcase for your listing Realtor.com charges a fee of $25.00 to upload the plans which we will add to your bill.

Q.     Can I receive the floor plans via regular mail and photocopy them?
A.    Yes.  Dimensions’ will mail a master copy to you per request.

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